Monday, August 31, 2009

Late News: John Paul Ribas leaves The Drawing Center!

The slow-looking one in the middle

This news item is of course a week old at this point and of course this is not a blog that people should ever come for "breaking news," but still I was delighted to find that overweening curator/Julian Casablancas dwarf, John Paul Ribas, has traded in his curatorial post at the Drawing Center for the old world oligarchy of Boston, where he will continue on at MIT's List Center. Click here for the Boston Globe's brief mention.

According to my humble opinion, Ribas represented (well, represents--he's not gone 'til the end of september) some of worst aspects of NY's curatorial pool. While I must commend him for avoiding the NY curator habit of intermingling artist advocacy with lechery, nevertheless his curatorial agenda thinly veils an opportunistic art historicism over a deeper conceit of upward mobility (maybe I'm just jaded--this could be the whole reason why one works for a guilt-ameliorating non-for-profit in the first place...). By curating a calculated lugubrity while trying to line one's pocket makes him like the Art Review of curators...

While Ribas has been generally praised by critics for shows like the recent Unica Zürn survey and the upcoming Ree Morton, I seem to be the only one who finds a hint of perversity in a male curator who uses the tragedy of tomb'd-up women to better enrich his quality of life.

Unlike his dirty-old-man peers, maybe his curatorial libido is simply necrophilic? Ribas, the naughty mortician--maybe I will miss this guy after all...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In the twilight of Leo...

So, August... not much kickin' around these here parts. Ask any astrologist and they'll just add it up to the fact that one of the laziest signs, Leo, happens to be the biggest influence on our earthly behaviors. Yet not for long... As of tonight, we are abruptly thrown into the pubescent neurosis that so readily characterizes the influence of the ever uptight, ever chaste (in theory, not practice...) Virgo. I happen to have Leo as my rising sign, so the end of August and the bulk of September are deeply riddled with the angst of so readily having to switch one's thoughts from the fit-for-a-king
luxury of leonine sloth to the promise-ring hysteria (red state-style, I may add...) of virginal anxiety (predictably astrology has a very problematic relationship to gendered cliché...). With this ancient cosmology in mind, let's see what cherries are popping this month...

Hans-Peter Feldmann & Nick Mauss @ 303

The mourner of the RAF, the flea market & public toilets has his first NYC show in 5 years, meanwhile Karen Kilimnik's second cousin/once removed, Nick Mauss, makes his unassuming debut at a gallery that might actually pay him.

Virgin anticipation: 2nd base

Alistair Frost, Ida Ekblad & David Hominal @ GBE

While I have no idea who Ekblad and Hominal are, Frost is an internet guilty pleasure. 2nd-gen Krebberisms meets Adobe illustrator precision.

VA: Sloppy 3rds, definitely...

Anselm Reyle @ Gagosian

Watch Reyle as he drops his slippery euro-donk on UES brunette staffers.

VA: not even

Bernadette Corporation @ Greene Naftali

Another artist (well, artists...) show at a real gallery as opposed to a gallery-cum-Artforum-marketing-umbrella-strategy.

VA: All the way, with cuddles in morning.

Rebecca Warren & Vincent Fecteau @ Matthew Marks

Rachel Harrison's craftier--not as in clever--British analogue puts more beefy thighs on wheels meanwhile homo-formalist Fecteau short sells papier-maché for blue chips.

VA: 3rd base, maybe sloppy.

Paulina Oloswka, Steven G. Rhoades & Catherine Sullivan @ Metro Pictures

Thritysomethings across the world unite to collectively underwhelm the viewer with stolen goods.

VA: First base, if lucky

Scott Lyall @ Miguel Abreu

Canada-based Broadway queer makes his "All That Jazz" after 2006's "A Chorus Line." No Lenny?

VA: Sloppy 3rd with doggie treats

David Novros @ P. Cooper

Just what NY needs! Another 1960's formalist painter washed up on the shores of the recent recession.

VA: 2nd base with options

K8 Hardy @ Reena Spaulings

RSFA finds its inner Koh with a newly realized installation of "I remember..."

VA: home run, why not?

Caitlin MacBride @ Real Fine Arts

The only BK gallery on the list shines with the next wave of non-republican/MFA-style painting. Get readyyyy...

VA: quivering thighs can only mean one thing...

Das Institut & other Europeans @ Swiss Institute

SI continues its running streak as a halfway house for godawful Columbia MFA graduates.

VA: Maybe 1st, maybe third if Gianni is included.

Davis Rhodes @ Team Gal

Speaking of Columbia MFAs, its finest underbite-plagued douchebag aestheticizes crypto-racist/classist indignation (urban "abstraction") in an effort to be taken seriously.

VA: not even...

Before I end, I'd like to note to readers that this list, as of Virgo's cusp, is certainly incomplete (where's my dog, Algus? I loooooved "Mom Art," best summer show of '09). So as labor day creeps nearer and nearer, I only hope this list grows past the middle-aged mother fuckers already included...


For those that wish Walken's Prophecy trilogy was a little more action packed...Or perhaps Huysmans' post-Balzacian anxiety...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A review for Larrys

I'm not aware of how easy it is to come across this self-published Larrys, so here is a text of mine that was included in its most recent issue--optimized for blog viewing.

Can Leo keep these guys? From what I understand NY galleries left and right are beginning to circle the carrion...

Even before the the art market's invisible hands recent learning of the koan, "to get the lead out," when one walks into certain NY galleries it is possible to simply taste the desperation in the air. Ripe as a corpse covered by drywall, fatuous as this and often ivy league certified, this desperation is hard to forget, much less escape; it travels with art everywhere, and, in one instance, is the reason why a magazine like Artforum is so physically exhausting to simply open--or even click on? (is that a bad thing?) Let's refine that...a better example of such a desperation is its incarnation into this here artistic practice.

NY professionalism is pathologically constantly finding oneself in the Master Cleanse psychomachy of finding new objects to figuratively fit in and retain within one's love pucker; perhaps a means of mourning now-dead liberal attitudes with the neoconservativism of sublimated melancholy or just a rational following of the immaterial age's bodily apprehension to its logical end? Regardless, who has never met the Cotton Mather'd anal retentive-ness of NY's "liberal" professionals? It is no doubt the reason why so many of us have spent the latter half of the last decade trying to "reinsert" all the artists who could never figure it out ($) into "contemporary discourse"... artists whose leaky assholes kept on letting shit fall out; with the present day us following in distant parallax, proving history wrong which each felled item properly re-secured in our shitless BwO asses... to Lorraine, Martin, Lee, Donald, Nancy, Andre, etc., ecstatic assholes are a better archive than any sort of history.

I must make the case that I'm not against anyone using their anus as a cultural repository, I'm not Jesse Helms. In terms of writing art history, it beats the lasting (and paternalizing) molestation of pedagogic influence--at last, we have a choice of what goes in. I don't necessarily dread the neoliberalization of the contents of this culturally fashioned kópros, the ecstatic philicizing that accompanies the ledgering of value to our melancholic shit substitutes. While certainly not challenging the hegemony of art world couture (should I care?), the neoliberalization of many of these previously uninsertable artists has managed to at least affix a glowing sign over a few coal-into-diamond-mine puckered ones that spells out: "OPEN FOR BUSINESS." See Jack Smith's visual art next to Nauman thanks to the whole Harvey Shipley Miller shopping spree.

What I actually fear is the expropriable, ecstastic logoi that forms the erotics of these artful anal toys. An expansion of cultural history only re-territorializes our receivership/retention of artistic mythos, rebirthing our selves outside and in along the jerrymandered lines of forcible immanence/servile productivity with the unworkable, the heterogenic and--in the case of art--the anartistic dildoed into this new cult of anal homogeneity: Gays in the military, GI Jane, Galerie Buchholz, etc.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Guest Review: Transformers 2

Due to a lack of employment, the only summer film that has to convinced me to cough up a lung for the pleasure of its company happens to be Transformers 2. After a deeply distracted morning at studio in the middle of July, I found the only thing that could realign my creative energies was to see Michael Bay's latest film at 1 in the afternoon at my favorite theatre, Battery Park Cinemas. I was more than pleased with the nearly 3 hour proceedings and was blessed with a productive evening in studio thereafter. While the film was routinely bashed by critix across the board, it did manage to break the bank (for more info onto those stats see here) which certainly says something about its persuasive power over audiences across the world. So, in honor of Bay's global assault on cultural taste (I did love the robo-testes that pop up 2/3rds through), I've found by far what is the best take (and vaguely born-again) on the Transformers 2 phenomenon courtesy of the conspiracy website, The Vigilant Citizen... that is aside from Armond White's privileging of the sequel over the original--quick message to Armond, I'm totally with you, dude!

Here's the review--cut'n'pasted as I like it!

p.s. to readers: is biopolitical discussion of sovereignty--or at least the theorization of the "state of exception"--that detached from the kook's paranoid hallucination of a "new world order"? Would the bridging of such a discussion cut the gordian knot of certain contemporary political aporias? Please let me know what you think!?!

p.p.s. Can't wait to see GI Joe!!! Or at least hear the VG's take on its brain-washing techniques!

The movie industry is a tightly knit oligarchy, owned by a very limited number of media companies. It has produced a constant flow of films promoting specific agendas or encouraging certain behaviors. Transformers 2 is a movie thoroughly adapted to today’s context, where a New World Order is being sold to the people. Here’s an in-depth analysis by collaborators Ustad Jee & Enigma.

transformers 2 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols

New World Order Agenda

In both Transformers movies, there is a consistent display of military power, co-operation and presence in countries around the world. Since the objective of the films are to slowly indoctrinate the masses and make them more receptive to certain ideas, it shows exactly these ideas in a positive light. The first concept is of world government and military rule. The idea in not new. It has existed since the time of the Imperium Romanum (Holy Roman Empire – 27 BC–AD 476) and is also comparable to the contemporary fascist forms of government such as those of Italian Fascism, Nazism, the Iron Guard in Romania, Falangism in Spain. A key aspect of such form of government is to promote a universal form of Nationalism. Obviously to achieve this goal of world government would first require the present form of political philosophy of democracy to fail either in economic or social order so that it can be countered with the requirement of world government.

screenshot 012 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
The Allies aka The Coalition – Military from all over the world

The second necessity of world government would require the presence of military resources to enforce the political decisions of the government. This is shown in the movie with the presence of U.S and other allied military forces around the world from the opening scenes in Qatar to various countries in the Middle East and the use of the Navy and Air forces throughout international jurisdictions with impunity.

screenshot 0381 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
Ugly, slightly retarded midget representing Arab country’s army

A third component of world government would require an authoritarian figurehead to replace the elected officials chosen in the democratic process. This is subtly hinted to the masses by showing the President of the United States in the films either as not making decisions or unable to because authority figures in the military override established protocol and make ‘live’ decisions to protect human populations.

screenshot 008 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
Lame duck US President is obviously NOT calling the shots
screenshot 016 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
The badge actually says: “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you”

So what is the forecast for the future? The following points are our conclusions after watching the movie. As the events that finally lead to our conclusion has not happened yet, we admit the necessity of constant vigilance to prevent if not slow down the final occurrence.

  • Advanced forms of mind control. How? If you do not have a critical mind and do not question things, then it will be easy to subjugate you.
  • To enable the popularity of authoritarian ideologies, we must first make a mockery of free and democratic processes.
  • To establish the new world order as an actual fact and not just a conspiracy theory, the masses need to welcome that concept and work in co-operation with the ‘allied’ forces to bring about such a social fact
screenshot 011 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
“To punish and to enslave” is written on the police car…At least its honest

Religious & Social Disorder

The Transformers movie franchise is hard at work to sell to the masses ideas of New World Secular Order. The careful handling of the film to deliver the present norm of alien life on other planets, our so called brothers and our intertwined destinies. Robotic organisms that have a powerful bond to existence of Planet earth and it’s living beings.

The Hollywood system has applied it’s oldest set of tricks from it’s bag, stereotype characters in a classic tale of Good versus Evil. The principle being like all major franchises, Evil has been defeated but will return to face the good again in the future. The idea that the main protagonist, in order to battle against evil in it’s final moments, does not need help from the true God but alien life. At the surface, the film may look like good entertainment that dictates good moral values, a story of friendship and triumph of good over evil. The ability of the film to hit many birds with a stone should not be underestimated.

According to religious belief of Monotheistic religions and scholarly interpretations, Aliens maybe spiritual beings or demons from a parallel or an hidden dimensions. The evil doers are preparing for the Antichrist by creating a new Secular world Order, social degradation, abolishment and weakening of major faiths, disinformation and social division of the human race. In order for the Antichrist to be a ruler of the one world government it is very important for social integration to be weak, and faith in God at it’s lowest form. As the masses are conditioned to believe in alien beings from another universe, when the time comes for the Anti-Christ’s arrival most will believe him as an alien being who is more powerful. charismatic than a ordinary human being, a false messiah and eventually a god who can perform miracles.

screenshot 020 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
“You gotta wonder…if God made us into his likeness…who made him?” – Notice what the statues are pointing – “As Above, So Below”

Concerning Social degradation and disinformation, in Transformers is quite clear and self evident. Stereotypical & misogynistic characters, racist humans, dog sex, mini leg humping robots, and even twin robots who talk like they stepped out from a gangster rap 80’s Ice-T album.

Occult Symbolism

The most crucial aspect of the film is the shape-shifting robots and the cube “All Spark” which created the Transformers. The Cube has a pure resemblance to the Saturn God ‘EL’ the supreme deity was represented by a black cube. For more information and it’s true meaning please refer to the article here.

screenshot 003a Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
All Spark is a black cube, used in Occult symbolism to represent Saturn
screenshot 024 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
Saturn = Satan = Fallen

The transforming robots, these shape-shifting alien beings are part of the ancient folklore & mythology. Just Like Odin the Supreme God in Norse Paganism & Horus in Egyptian Ancient Egyptian religion, these gods had abilities to shape-shift into animals and or other mythological creatures. For further information please refer here, understand the influence and the myth of shape-shifting exists in almost every religion & culture.

We can also get a healthy dose of obelisks and pyramids, which are favorite Illuminati symbols to be flashed in the people’s faces.

screenshot 045 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
Pyramid with missing capstone

A scene in Part 2 accurately portrays the information they are trying to relay to you. Its an odd mixture of gnostism mixed with sexual undertones. Following is the excerpt of the scene where the Professor walks in, takes a bite out of an apple and starts to teach Astronomy 101.

apple Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
The apple of knowledge from the Gnostic view of the Genesis story passed on to the students…with a strong sexual undertone

“Space, Time”

Takes a bite from the Apple


Drops the Apple on his Shoe, the apple roles over to a female student siting in the front row, she picks it up and silently whispers with a seductive look

“Thank you”

The Professor looks at her and says

“Finish that for me”

He states to the class

“that we are going on a Journey, you and I today, All eager young nubile minds on the cusp of adulthood, and I shall be a consort, your guide, your chaperone into the heart of darkness. Welcome to Astronomy 101. What do we know about the stars? He glances at the same girl in the class and says Virgo the virgin, Orion the hunter, these are no mere twinkling diamonds or lovely maidens to wish upon, No! they are diamonds filled up with savage and pent up energy.

Sam is going through visions in his head and now raises his hand to gain attention and rushes towards the board and writes in ancient hieroglyphics and talks gibberish. The professor becomes angry and says,

“I will not be punked in front of the dean, this is my universe I am the alpha and the omega, get out of my class”

These few lines of dialogue have a lot different undertones in it, sexual, and a hidden message towards the initiates of the secret orders. This scene seems to correspond with the gnostic vision of the story of Genesis. Philosophies of almost all occult orders are based on Gnostism and here’s an interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve:

The Manichaean Gnostic sect believed that the Protanthropos (Adam) was “the World Soul”, (Anima Mundi), sent to fight against darkness. The “Fall” meant the primordial man being delivered up to evil and swallowed in darkness, with the Universe as a whole coming into existence as a means of delivering the primordial Adam from Darkness. Sex between Adam and Eve was seen as the way in which darkness overcame the light.

Some of the comments made in the previous tidbit message about the Illuminati symbolism in Transformers 2 were taken into consideration. Since the story follows the standard Good vs. evil plot, the resurrection of Optimus Prime is more to do with resurrection of many pagan and mythological gods like Odin & Horus not Jesus since it is next to the pyramids it is more likely to be Horus. And Jesus does not posses shape-shifting abilities. The other interesting aspect is Sam’s connection to the bloodline, that he is destined to lead the Autobots and save the world.

screenshot 013 Transformers 2: NWO Agenda and Occult Symbols
The Bloodline…Any similarities with the Rothschilds?

To Conclude

The movie in our opinion just conveys a form of assurance to initiates around the world that their destinies are intertwined with those of the occult. It does this simply by using occult symbolism and showing the degradation of society which is the current norm and one of the objectives of occult societies. It also serves the continuing process of creating ignoramuses out of us all through mass media and entertainment. Do not be fooled they are working diligently towards their goals. We wish you all Constant Vigilance!

For your pleasure...

One of the editors of Larrys emailed this great video:

For more information and the complete text (!), click here.

I personally urge Glenn Beck to relax and simply watch this video, letting whatever anxieties over "extreme leftist" insurrection fall to the wayside as he ponders the statement "I'm just trying to go home without catching the HIV again...":

NYFAL in the current issue of Larrys

For more info visit:

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