Tuesday, November 18, 2008


First the excuse: no good shows. Second the apology: sorry to all who might have been expecting a post regarding shows that took place during October. I plan to steer this mutha back on course as a whole slew of great (and terrible) shows have popped up to fulfill all our luxury x-mas wishes.

It's award season in Hollywood and if I didn't know any better its that way in Chelsea too. We've got our new Clint Eastwood movie in the shape of Richard Prince's show at Gagosian (watch the trailer for his new movie, "Gran Torino," just to bridge the analogy); we see Tomma Abts's little paintings that could at Zwirner, those quirky little things might as well be this year's Juno. Kelley Walker's show at Paula Cooper may beat out Philip Seymour Hoffman for best performance by a bloated sac (oh wait, that award goes to Sam Lewitt). Maybe Cory Arcangel's tepid, one-note quasi-structural exercises at Team Gallery will take the Oscar for best special effects over the freakish looking new movie where Brad Pitt is digitally rendered into what looks like a newborn shar-pei?

As for the good show(s), those will come in the next post where I'll casually put my big toe into the waters otherwise known as "Looking Back: The White Columns Annual," curated this year by Jay Sanders. 'Til then, the balcony is closed...

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